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The thing is, just because some house cats are happier indoors, doesn’t mean they should exercise less. Without roaming, chasing things and applying their useful cat skills they’re missing out on the benefits of an active lifestyle, as well as valuable mental stimulation.


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Interactive toys can be mentally rewarding; provide gratification in the form of treats; and boost activity levels.  With different purposes, challenges and features, these toys are bound to get and hopefully keep your dog’s attention.

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How to Train Older Dogs

To be honest, teaching an older dog new tricks is not the easiest task, but, with a little help, it is possible.  Before you start, just check with your veterinarian which physical exercises are safe.

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Using a Muzzle as a Training Aid:
What You Should Know

Many (if not most) dog owners tend to find the use of muzzles upsetting or even inhumane. Here are some of the main concerns and questions:

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Treat Tips for
Training Dogs

There is a great variety of treats out there owners can choose from to make dog training
easier. Different dog ages, dog sizes and difficulty levels of tricks will help determine the choice of treat.

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Basic Training
Dog Obedience Training

It’s important to help people understand that raising and maintaining a dog, although rewarding, is not always easy. That’s where training comes in. Once you and your dog understand each other, life becomes pleasant and things can get fun.

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Raising & Training

Most people will agree that puppies are adorable, but before getting one you should know that they also require lots of love, attention and training. You should start training your puppy as soon as they arrive at their new home.

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Basic Training
Raising & Training Kittens

Most people know that dogs can be trained, but not everyone knows that cats are also able to learn various tricks and behaviours. They are intelligent, independent animals and with the right training they can follow instructions (plus, they don’t really need that much approval).

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