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Summer Safety

Dogs don’t sweat like humans do and can easily suffer from heatstrokes in a short amount of time.

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The Responsible Pet Owner’s
Guide for Snake Season

Being a pet owner is really rewarding, but it’s hard work as well. After all, we are responsible for our pets’ health, happiness and safety. Part of this is taking extra special care of our pets during the holidays, particularly when it comes to snakes.

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How to Help Dogs
During Fireworks

Summer is generally associated with sun, fun, relaxation and celebration.  During this time people celebrate different things in different ways. Unfortunately for many (if not most) dogs, one of the ways people celebrate is to set off fireworks.

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The Dangers of Leaving
Dogs in Cars

Leaving a dog in a parked car is unacceptable, ESPECIALLY if it’s a hot day.  Dogs can suffer a great deal and heatstroke can be fatal. Even if the window is cracked, the temperature will keep rising and dogs can easily overheat without free flowing air that’s required to keep their body temperature down.

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The Dangers of Leaving
Cats in Cars

The number one reason you should never leave your cat in a parked car is the fact that she can suffer brain damage or even die from heatstroke on a warm day.  Temperature in a parked car can spike in a matter of minutes and cracking the window is not a solution. Leaving your cat alone is cruel, dangerous and irresponsible.

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in Safety & Emergencies // Pet Safety & Dangers : Hot Surfaces  

Protecting Your Dog’s Paws from
Hot Surfaces

Summer is great for walks, but have you ever thought about the pavement temperature when hitting the road? Tar and cement can get crazy hot, sometimes even too hot to touch! So, just imagine what it can do to your pup’s precious paws! The last thing you want is for your dog to get nasty burns.

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