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in Health & Wellness // Basic Care

For Dogs That Love the Outdoors:

Tackling Ticks and Fleas
in your Garden

Fleas in Pets 2 Image1

Dogs and cats that spend most of their time outdoors are at
high risk of picking up ticks and fleas just lying in wait for their
next unsuspecting victim.

These dangerous, blood-sucking critters can affect the overall health of your pets and
your loved ones, and possibly endanger their lives.

If you have adventurous and outdoor-loving pets, you have probably already gone to great lengths to control the fleas and ticks your furry friends unwittingly bring home. Frequent vaccuming, regular washing of your pets bedding above 60°C and leaving it out in the sun for a few hours, will go a long way to reduce the burden of these parasites.

The following useful tips can assist you in their control.

Fleas in Pets 2 Image2The most effective and affordable way to control ticks and fleas in the garden is to identify their favourite hangouts and keep these areas tick and flea free. These parasites prefer slightly humid areas that are protected from harsh sunlight. Start by cleaning your dog’s house, sleeping and feeding areas. Also ensure that your garden is free from debris and leaves and that the areas around patios, under decks and under lawn furniture are kept clean.  Keep ticks from climbing and grabbing onto a passing pet or loved one by keeping the grass cut and trees and shrubs trimmed.

As it is not possible to eradicate all ticks and fleas in the garden, continue to treat your pets proactively with regular monthly use of a proven tick and flea product that effectively kills fleas and provides effective protection over the month. An added benefit for those with pets that are outdoor enthusiasts is to ask your vet for a tick and flea product that is also water-tolerant. Alternatively, a monthly chewable like NEXGARD® is more convenient for dogs that love the outdoors!

Fleas in Pets 2 Graphic1It is highly important as pet owners to check your pet’s body weight before applying a tick and flea product, more importantly to follow the registered guidelines that appears on the packaging inserts. If you are unsure, speak to your veterinarian about the effective application of flea and tick protection.


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